Work in progress by @of.gods.and.monsters Thanks buddy This portion of tattoo is represented by…

Work in progress by @of.gods.and.monsters
Thanks buddy

This portion of tattoo is represented by wave, Foo Dog and Fujin.
Foo Dog: symbolizes protection, and the middle kanji of my last name is protection.

Fujin:Fujin is the Japanese god of wind. He is depicted holding a bag of winds. Fujin usually has a messy appearance and wild hair from all the wind. He usually has 4 fingers on each hand — one for each direction.

Japan has historically experienced large typhoons that cause great damage and loss of life. Nevertheless, Fujin also has a good side.

Two wind storms devastated Mongol fleets as they tried to invade Japan in 1274 and again in 1281. This was attributed to Fujin protecting Japan. Alternatively, this act is sometimes attributed to Raijin. This is the origin of the term Kamikaze (literally: divine wind). Fujin and Rajin:
Japanese history is filled with devastating typhoons and storms that have wiped out communities and caused terrible damage. As a result, Raijin and Fujin are both feared and respected for their power over nature.

There is no strong dividing line between good and evil Japanese gods (kami). Gods may do wonderful things but be a little unruly too. This is the case with Raijin and Fujin. They are both fearsome troublemakers that nonetheless play an important role in nature.

Statues of Raijin and Fujin are found all over Japan at the gates of Japanese shrines and temples as protectors. Visitors to these sacred places must pass by the intimidating gaze of the gods before entering.
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